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  • mushroom-kingdom

    Alice in the wonderland


    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm

    The mushrooms strewn at random decorated
    By the fantastic bow-ties and lace
    There comes the countdown of the Dark Forest Party
    In the Neuschwanstein castle
    Please hold your crown
    This will be a unforgettable Party

  • little-denim-tailor

    Little Denim Tailor



    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm

    The western vast land covered with boundless deserts

    makes the denim blue much more unrestrained

    The tailor with a calpac is adsorbed

    in knitting the cowboy culture

    with the sound of the spinning wheel

    and the rolling of the ball of string.

  • chocolate-factory

    Chocolate Factory


    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm
    Price:     $88

    In the large dream factory of chocolate

    all the production lines are mixed with fingers biscuits

    fragrance of chocolate and the sweet of egg and sugars

    The diligent workers all give off the fragrance of chocolate

    It is a kind of bitter sweet

    also intoxicating sweet

    Only taste in person

    can you obtain the real feeling?


  • hobbit-kingdom

    Hobbit Kingdom



    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm

    Under the dome of middle-earth
    Inhabited by a group of dwarves
    Flightless kiwi birds are their peers
    Lakes, mountains, grass and blue sky are their backyards
    They work with their wisdom,
    Creating their own unique culture

  • constellation-zoo

    Constellation Zoo



    Name:   Constellation Zoo
    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm
    Price:     $78

    The night sky of Phuket Island is extremely amazing

    Twelve zodiac are acting the circus

    with Scorpio playing the accordion

    Leo playing the trumpet

    Cancer jumping through the ring of fire

    and Capricornus walking in circles

    This night will make you too delighted to leave.

  • animal-postman

    Animal Postman



    Material:  100% silk
    Size:      90cm x 90cm
    Price:     $78

    The first light before the dawn is the alarm for your gathering

    The tall and straight pin on the Alps is your guidepost

    The delicate mail box is your destination

    You walks through the wind and cloud

    You are the messengers serving on the mountain road