Customized oil portrait commission

Q: What requirements are there for photos used for professional customized portrait painting?

A: Need to provide clear life or artistic photos and please send it to lizhangfineart@gmail.com.

Q: How long do I wait for to receive oil portrait painting?

A: It depends on the size of the art work. For general head portrait, it will take about 1 week. For half-length portrait, 2-3 weeks, and for full-length portrait, 4-5 weeks.

Q: Is it necessary to mount the oil painting with frame?

A: The oil painting will be directly sent to your shipping address with the frame. It can be hung on the wall directly without mounting.

Q: Is it free of shipping fee of portrait painting?

A: The shipping fee of all sizes head portrait paintings with frames is $10. Due to the large size of the framework of half and full-length portrait, you can collect the paintings in Melbourne CBD by yourself, or the postage will be ranged from $30-50.


Digital cartoon design

Q:How long do I wait for to receive the digital cartoon design?

A:It will take about 1 week and the digital cartoon design will be sent to you by Email.

Q: Could I make and requirements for the digital cartoon design?

A: Hair colour, clothes colour and background can all be changed. All requirements should be informed before the payment.